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A virtual file Seed File for Genebank Management

Videometer allows creating virtual seed file. Genebank Management helps researchers to understand phenotyping and further development of seeds.

common wheat in durum wheat

Detecting Common Wheat in Durum Wheat with Videometer at LGC Group, UK

Learn how VideometerLab can assist you with detecting common wheat in durum wheat.

counterfeit tablets in bottle

Merck team used VideometerLab when winning gold at the Method Development Olympics at CoSMoS

Learn how Merck team won gold medal using VideometerLab at Method Development Olympics.

Dicyandiamide Contamination detected in Infant Formula

The combination of VideometerLab and chemometrics allows scientists to detect adulterated infant formula powder.

How to check moisture and water-holding capacity in cooked meat?

A new study demonstrates how the VideometerLab can be used to acquire fast measurement of moisture content in cooked meat.


How to detect frozen-then-thawed meat?

Read a paper about rapid detection of frozen-then-thawed minced beef using spectral imaging and machine learning.

videometerlab food and feed

Multispectral Imaging in Food and Feed Sample and Analysis

Multispectral imaging can be used in many areas, one of them being food and feed. LGC, the laboratory in the UK, concluded on Videometer applications…

VideometerLab presented at PittCon 2017 in Chicago

Videometer will be present on PittCon 2017. Our CEO will show the latest technology of spectral imaging.

aspa 2016 videometer

Videometer exhibits at APSA 2016 – Seed

Videometer will exhibit the VideometerLab for seed application at the Asia Pacific Seed Association Congress 2016.

Merck using VideometerLab wins CoSMoS Olympics gold medal again

Second-year in a row Merck team wins gold medal using VideometerLab.