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Invitation to Blob Tool & CDT Workshop

Join our workshop to learn how to use and utilize Classifier Design Tool and Blob Tool. Learn from our CTO, Karsten Hartelius.

Videometer summit 2020

Videometer Summit 2020

Videometer Summit took place in January 2020. It was a whole day meeting where global sales team of Videometer gathered to exchange their experiences on customer satisfaction.

Quality Control of Fruit Fly Pupae

The paper explores the quality control of fruit fly pupae, learn more about spectral imaging technology.

Recovery of writings on ancient ostraca – Heritage Inspection

Manuscript and papyrus inspection is possible with VideometerLab. Learn more about how the instrument was used on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Videometer Greenhouse Phenotyping at IPPS 2019

Videometer Greenhouse phenotyping presented in 2019 at International Plant Phenotyping Symposium. Learn how imaging aids in automated growth cell.

Pili kernel Phenotyping through color descriptors

What is phenotyping? How to phenotype through color descriptors with spectral imaging? A new study of pili kernels phenotyping depicts the analysis with image-based solution.

Food Quality Control – Hazelnut Analysis with Spectral Imaging

Spectral imaging allows faster and more accurate analysis for food quality control & food safety. Learn more how Videometer can aid you.

Potato Strip – Food Quality Control with Videometer

Learn why food quality control is crucial for everyone and explore spectral imaging analysis of potato strips using Videometer technology.

How to assess shrimp color using Multispectral Imaging?

Assessment of shrimp color is now possible with multispectral imaging. Analyse texture, color and more using Videometer technology.

Sausage Quality Inspection made easy

Measure water-holding capacity and moisture content in pork sausages using Videometer technology. Moreover, texture and color development is also discoverable under spectral imaging.