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Videometer’s Impact and Knowledge Sharing – Quarterly Newsletter

Videometer’s Impact and Knowledge Sharing – Quarterly Newsletter

Our new Quarterly Newsletter is out! The last months proved to us how collaboration with different stakeholders is important to achieve sustainability, and food safety, as well as to continue sharing know-how and expertise!

As an organization, we believe we must be responsible and ethical to our customers, our employees, and society. We actively engage in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals in our daily work. Learn more about it in the latest newsletter!

Videometer’s technology has been mentioned in over 300 scientific papers. One of the recent paper, by the Agricultural University of Athens, illustrates how it is possible to analyze the quality of edible seaweed with the VideometerLab. Additionally, China Agricultural University undertook a study researching new, rapid, and non-destructive methods to discriminate Medicago seed species. We are happy to see that our instrument has been assessed as a powerful tool for seed identification.

As Spring is approaching, it is time to announce that the Experts Meet Experts Webinar Series will have its third edition, starting this month! Moreover, on behalf of the DiTECT project, Videometer will hold a free webinar on advances in Spectral Imaging Technologies for Food Integrity Analysis.

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