We measure what you see - and beyond!

About Us

Who Are We?


Videometer is specialised in automated spectral imaging measurements and quality control and is focusing on development of high-performance vision systems for a broad range of industries. Successful applications of vision technology are based on skills within illumination technology, optics, camera technology, electronics, mechanics, automation, image analysis, computer vision, statistics, artificial intelligence, software technology and systems design. Videometer vision solutions are based on an integration of these skills and customer needs.

Our Technology

Videometer has a unique patented technology for spectral imaging and colour vision, that includes high-resolution measurements in the ultraviolet, visual, and near-infrared spectral bands. This can bring vision from measurements of appearance to surface chemistry mapping through the use of multivariate statistical methods like spectral unmixing. Focus is always on reproducibility of the measurements since this is a key issue when it comes to putting real value into a measurement system, and it is a necessity when talking about accuracy at all.

In Videometer we provide solutions from analytical instruments to in-line sorting machines. If it can be done by spectral imaging, then we can do it.

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We Measure What You See – And Beyond!

Videometer aims at excellence within spectral imaging. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the most advanced technologies in the industry, allowing users to experience quality control in a different light. 

Our core is to constantly improve ourselves, both in terms of technology and as people. Because of this, we, as a company, value progress and knowledge. 
We focus on being transparent and caring towards our customers. We value honesty both internally and throughout our supply chain. 

At Videometer, diversity is an asset, which empowers us to grow as people and as professionals. That is how we are able to better our products and solutions day by day. 

Videometer History

Videometer was founded in 1999 and for more than 20 years, it has been a leading company in the production of spectral imaging technologies. Through the years, Videometer has evolved itself, taken new people on board, and developed a diverse and skilled know-how. 


The beginnings

Videometer was co-founded by Jens Michael Carstensen and 7-Technologies in 1999, as a spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark. The first patent application was filed. 



In 2000, Videometer began its project-based activity. During these years, the company’s main focus was set on custom-made vision systems for in-line and on-line quality control.  


A new era

In 2018, Videometer’s structure underwent new developments both in terms of strategy and structure. This year marked the beginning of a new era for the company, in terms of focus on instruments. 



Today, Videometer is a leading provider of spectral imaging solutions worldwide, selling both spectral imaging instruments and custom-made vision systems. Videometer is synonym of excellence and innovation in its field. 

Executive Management

Meet Videometer’s Executive Management – a team of experienced and skilled people, who have been in the Spectral Imaging industry for more than 20 years.
At Videometer, we set value in our people and their skills. Our executive team is composed by highly educated and competent employees, with expertise in different sectors. Read about them below.

J. Michael Carstensen


Videometer’s co-founder and CEO, Michael is a leading expert in Vision Systems and Spectral Imaging. He holds a Ph.D. in Image Analysis from the Technical Univeristy of Denmark and is a prominent figure in this field.
Michael has been the key developer for the VideometerLab instrument and has lead more than 650 commercial projects at Videometer. He is responsible for various R&D projects with focus on image analysis and vision technology.

Karsten Hartelius


With his expertise in Machine Learning and statistics, Karsten Hartelius has been a part of Videometer since 2004, and its CTO since 2018. Karsten holds a Ph.D. in Statistical Image Analysis from the Technical University of Denmark. Karsten covers a broad range of activities at Videometer, including sales and product development.
He is responsible for developing vision-based measurement instruments, such as the Videometer staple BLOB tool.

Nette Schultz


Nette Schultz, has been part of Videometer since 2013, initially, as board member and, since 2018, as CFO. Nette holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark.
She is responsible for Videometer’s financial activities and any activity regarding company policies, partnerships and grants. Overall, Nette has experience with machine learning, statistical analysis, leadership, human resource management and project management.

Christian Gleerup

Head of Software

Christian has been managing Videometer’s software team and its resources as Head of Software since 2015. He holds a Master’s degree from Alborg University in Computer Science and Statistics and has been working at Videometer since 2008.
He is ane expert in the development of Computer Vision technologies. He is responsible for ensuring the direction for Videometer’s core platform and its development, and for resource and project management.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented and bright people to join our team. 
At Videometer we value teamwork, curiosity and challenges. We strive when we work together and can learn from each other. 
If this sounds like the perfect place for you, check out our open positions below.

Imaging Software Developer

Sustainability and Policies

At Videometer, we take sustainability seriously. As a company focusing on quality control, we feel responsible for promoting sustainable practices that enhance safety throughout the different industries we attend. We believe that partnerships with different players worldwide are at the heart of the sustainability pursuit. That is why we continue to collaborate with entities across the globe to enhance our efforts. 

SDG2 ZeroHunger

Zero Hunger
and Food Security 

Sustainable Development Goal 2 focuses on achieving food security and ending food hunger by 2030. 
Every day, Videometer takes a leap forward for the realization of this goal. By classifying and analyzing different products with spectral imaging, we are capable of distinguishing unhealthy food from the healthy, making the consumption of food more realiable and safe. 
Our clients use our technology to ensure food and seed safety, and oppose counterfeit production. 

SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Consumption
and Production

Responsible and sustainable consumption is at the heart of Videometer’s cause. 
With our work, we aid our clients in the development of more sustainable practices for production.
At Videometer, we have, for example developed instruments, which measure soil water potential, the counterfeiting of medical products, or the presence of invasive roots in agricultural grounds. These applications have been the trigger for a more conscious and sustainable production, which can be withheld in the long-term by our customers. 

SDG17 Partnership for the Goals

For The Goals

Sustainability could not be achieved if it weren’t for combined efforts across the globe. That is why, at Videometer, we have undertaken a series of partnerships that strengthen our efforts. 
In 2012, we undertook the SpectraSeed project to develop seed phenotyping inspection with spectral imaging.
In total, we have partnered with institutional players worldwide for a number of 8 projects. These project are aimed at ensuring a more conscious and innovative future for food, seed and more.