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Basic Module 4

Session Manager – Designing Automated Workflows

Prerequisites: VideometerLab software is installed on the PC. The VideometerLab is connected to the PC and both are turned on. The PC is connected to the internet, user is logged in, and a Microsoft Teams session has been set up. Samples and media for presentation (petri dishes, plates, or similar) should be ready for this module.
Tutorials and howto documents are avaiable on ftp. We encourage you to visit these before the training and revisit after the training.
This module typically includes:


Session Menu

• The concepts of protocol, session, session recipe, session model
• General statistics/statistics session plugin. Measuring mean spectra, color, spectral indices in selected areas
• MSI Area Fraction. Measuring area composition of a sample.
• MSI Blob Counter. Counting blobs and calculating size distributions.
• Granular Products/Blob Classifier. Blob class distribution, Blob feature statistics. 


Running Sessions

• From Session Manager
• From Desktop: VideometerSession
• Concept of timed capture


Session Model Builder

Brief introduction to Session Model Builder.


Try all of the above tools on different images.