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Windows Compatibility

Windows 10 is the recomended platform for a new VideometerLab installation.
For existing installations with no service agreement it might be required to run Windows 7 to connect to an instrument. The matrix belows shows software and instrument compatibility:

VideometerLab Software Compatibility

Instrument Compatibility

VideometerLab Software PC Requirements

To install the VideometerLab Software on your PC, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements listed in the table.



I am not able to acquire images all the time or some of the time

If you get the following error: Capture Error: GrabberReturnedError_MissingPackets, Missing frames, make sure that the “GigE Network adapter set-up” for JAI cameras (Videometer3 and earlier) has been installed correctly.
We recommend the following power configuration for robust image acquisition: Windows Power Settings 1.0
At Videometer, we practice telemetry – the process of recording information sent by our instruments – to improve our software. Read about our instruments’ telemetry policy here.


I need support with my software since operation X fails

1. In case an algorithm does not work as expected, you are welcome to contact us regarding the issue. In most cases this can be fixed either with another algorithm or by tuning the parameters.
2. For errors a dialog should appear to transmit error data to our bugtracking system, if the error is critical for daily usage then please write to us and we will prioritize according to the service contract associated with the instrument.
3. If the instrument PC is not connected to the internet or no dialog appears, it is required to send the data manually. You can find our Step-Guide on how to do it here.


The VideometerLab Software cannot be installed

Please, confirm that you have administrator rights in the VideometerLab pc.
Check the disk space, as the installation and Instrument Calibration require minimum 2 GB of free disk space.

Make sure that there is no old version of the software installed or running on the installation pc. You may have to remove any VideometerLab by selecting:
“Start” ? “Settings” ? “Control Panel” ? “Add or Remove Programs”
Once completed these steps, try installing the software again.
If the problem persists, you are welcome to contact us for further support. 


The light does not flash but one color is constantly on

This is normally a result of a communication error between the pc and the VideometerLab.
Please follw the guide in the VideometerLab software under Help ? User Manual.


Why is the sphere not completely dark?

The LEDs flash whether the software is running or not. This is normal and ensures stable temperature of the LEDs.


The VideometerLab cannot be calibrated

In order to calibrate the VideometerLab, check that you have at least 2 GB free disk space on the drive where the software is installed. 
If the VideometerLab software reports an error, make sure that the calibration plates are used in the correct order and that they are clean and are not damaged.
Follow the description in the VideometerLab software under Help  User Manual. If the problem persists, report the problem to mail@videometer.com


Where can I find and download the newest VideometerLab Software version?

Access the software downloads here


The VideometerLab does not start. 

There can be various reasons beneath this problem. The most common reason is the DLL being corrupted, or a Security Software Blocking.
1. Check that the computer fullfills the minimum system requirements.
2. Repair the installation by double clicking the original installetion file.
3. Remove Anti-Ransomware / Antivirus or mark VideometerLab as safe. Cybereason blocks the VideometerLab. 


Telemetry is the process of recording and transmitting instrument readings. 
At Videometer, we use telemetry to record the quality of our service and our instruments’ health, so that we can improve our software for better user experience. 
If you want to enable telemetry from your instrument and help us get better, read our policy guidelines. 

Instrument Telemetry


The VideometerLab Software comes with a series of user manuals to help you navigate all of its tools and features.
The manuals can be found directly on the software, under the voices: Help ?

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