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Videometer SeedLab

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Enhance the capacity of your seed analysis with the Videometer SeedLab – a complete system capable of analyzing, classifying and physically sorting your products with the aid of a powerful pick and place robot.


The Videometer SeedLab uses advanced machine learning to analyse your products and physically sort them based on their classification. The system can pick 30-60 kernels per minute, helping you save time on your analysis.


The Videometer technology, which drives the Videometer SeedLab, has been documented and challenged in more than 350 peer reviewed papers, making it a reliable technology for quality analysis and safety.


The SeedLab’s software interface shows your analysis in real time, it is easily customizable, allowing for a trouble-free experience with the instrument. You can easily find your way in the user manuals and tutorials to explore all functionalities.


Customize your SeedLab in terms of suction cup, picking speed, delivery bins, classification models and more. Get add ons such as front-light or fluorescence options to enhance your analysis with powerful hardware tools.

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“The SeedLab is a valuable addition to the imaging technology CHAP has available at the Digital Phenotyping Lab; offering an integrated analysis and sorting capability for both seed and grain.”

Faye McDiarmid, 
Research Assistant

A Turnkey Solution for Your Seed Analysis

The Videometer SeedLab is an AI-driven system that automatically performs a complete analysis and sorting of your seeds and grains. It is made of a VideometerLab with autofeeder option and a pick and place robot arm that automatically and physically sorts your seeds based on their classification.

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