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The Videometer instruments are fast, versatile, non-destructive spectral imaging solutions that, come with a state-of-the-art software powered by machine learning and AI. Besides the products listed below, you can customize any in-lab solution to suit your needs and type of inspection you want to perform.


Videometer’s flagship instrument for multispectral image acquisition. It is used for reflectance imaging and optionally fluorescence and transmittance imaging.


The VideometerLab500 is an instrument with a larger field-of-view. It can be used for bigger samples with wider surface areas. 


To be used everywhere, the VideometerLite is a portable spectral imaging device designed for easy, straightforward and accurate image analysis.


A fast, and non-contact measurement technology for ease-of-use in the laboratory or at-line in production for efficient characterization of viscous products.

Videometer Multiray

Videometer Multiray is a handheld imaging instrument designed for fast and accurate determination of µ-topography, graininess, gloss and porosity of material surfaces.

VideometerLab XY

Designed for fast and accurate measurements where a large sample size is needed. The system integrates computer technology with advanced image analysis.


The VideometerMic is an automated multispectral microscope. It incorporates a multispectral scanner head, mounted within an xyz-stage. It allows for a complete analytical solution within microscopy.

Videometer MiniRhizotron

Videometer Minirhizotron allows for automated detection and quantification of living roots in field. It can detect roots in all soil types and differentiate living from dead roots.

In-Line Vision Systems

Videometer offers customized in-line vision system solutions, that fit your needs and demands. VideometerLine is a powerful platform for building customized spectral imaging solutions for in-line and on-line quality and process control that secure product quality.

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3D Imaging

Based on laser triangulation or fringe projection profilometry provides accurate assessment of 3D shape and volume. 

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“The Videometer Vision System ensures a more consistent quality of our shielding covers, increases our production capacity, and frees man-power for other tasks.”

Jesper Duedahl, Project Manager 

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