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Shelf-Life Stability Test for Liquids

VideometerLiq is an easy-to-use spectral imaging instrument for fast and accurate determination of stability/instability in liquid products. It is a complete system integrating strobed LED technology, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics.

Two Instruments in One

VideometerLiq is based on a VideometerLab instrument and can be changed into a VideometerLab in less than 5 minutes. This combination is extremely versatile and allows imaging solids, foams and liquid samples in petri dishes using the VideometerLab mode as well as imaging liquids in bottles using the VideometerLiq mode.

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Automated Testing for Shelf Life and Stability Analysis!

The VideometerLiq storyboard allows you to get accurate and detailed measurements on your liquid’s shelf life under realistic conditions.

Learn more on how you can perform a fast and automated test on your liquids by downloading the presentation below!

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Why Is Spectral Imaging Ideal for This?

Spectral means that we benefit from spectroscopy in every pixel:

• Assess accurate color changes and oxidation
• Enhance product structure
• Increase product flexibility
• Measure undiluted samples

Why Is Spectral Imaging Ideal for This?

Imaging means that we can:

• Measure bubble particles marbling, irregular layers as predecessors of instability
• Generally provide a better understanding of why some products are stable and others are not
• Deal effectively with heterogeneity

Key Features


• 19 diffuse frontlight strobes 365-970 nm
• 850 nm backlight strobe for turbidity


• 12.3 Mpixels per band
• USB3 or USBC
• 30 µm/pixel

Application Examples