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Measuring Surface and

Measure graininess, viscosity and mouth-feel in yoghurt and other viscous products – in only 2 seconds.

VideometerSLS is a fast, and non-contact measurement technology packaged for ease-of-use in the laboratory or at-line in production. It measures a number of parameters for efficient characterization of viscous products.

VideometerSLS has a combination of 2 measurement principles and on top Videometer’s advanced imaging software:

Sub-Surface Laser Scattering: Measurement of light scattering from one or more laser beams. The Laser beams enter the product and will be scattered due to refraction and reflection. Images of the surface and the scattered beams can be used for calculation of parameters characterizing the concentration and size distribution of air bubbles and constituents, viscosity, mouth feel etc.

Surface graininess texture: Images of the surface from reflections of the light from multiple LED spots will be used for calculation. A surface with graininess will have a more distinct texture than a glossier surface. The result tells something about graininess, gloss and whey on the surface.

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Key Features


• 2-3 Lasers, 1 LED
• 405-850 nm


• 1.4 Mpix
• 30 µm/pixel

Application Examples