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Basic Module 2

VideometerLab Toolbar and Image Tools

Before starting on Module 2, please have a look at Basic Module 1 and/or Pre-Training Module, and make sure you are confident with the Videometer software basics.
The general overview for the Second Trainin Module is the following. For each headline, you will find a small video. Each video summarizes what you will have learned in the training module, and it can be used as either preparation or repetetion of the training module.


Toolbar Menu


Plot Menu and Conversion Menu (under Image Tools)

Toolbar Menu

In the first part of the training, we will go through the Toolbar. Here, you find all the necessary tools in order to draw and define ROIs in your images.

The skills and knowledge you will gain here is essential for your further training in mastering the Videometer software tools. Moreover, we will go over basic generic image masking with build in functions.

Plot Menu and Conversion Menu

In the second part of the second training module, a walkthrough of how to use and interpret all the possible plots types will be done. This includes the Statistics plot, Histogram plot, Spectrum plot, Profile plot, Texture plot and Density plot. These plots are available through the software under Image Tools / Measurement.

Before being able to visualize any data in the plots, we will use the knowledge we have gained from the training in how to use the Toolbar in the first part of the module.

The module will be finished off with a walkthrough of the Conversion menu. From the Conversion menu it is possible to convert images to other colour spaces and to be visualized by absorbance instead of reflection, which is the default.