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Our Impact

At Videometer, we take sustainability seriously. As a company focusing on quality control, we feel responsible for promoting sustainable practices that enhance safety throughout the different industries we attend. We believe that partnerships with different players worldwide are at the heart of the sustainability pursuit. That is why we continue to collaborate with entities across the globe to enhance our efforts.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

SDG2 ZeroHunger

Zero Hunger
and Food Security

Sustainable Development Goal 2 focuses on achieving food security and ending food hunger by 2030.
Every day, Videometer takes a leap forward for the realization of this goal. By classifying and analyzing different products with spectral imaging, we are capable of distinguishing unhealthy food from the healthy, making the consumption of food more reliable and safe.
Our clients use our technology to ensure food and seed safety, and oppose counterfeit production.

Decent work
and Economic Growth

Videometer embraces diversity among its employees, avoiding discrimination of any sorts.
The well-being of all employees is cared for with extra health insurance, including psychological aid for those in crisis situations, ergonomic facilities, suitable working tools for each specific function, individual development plans. A full pension plan is provided to all salaried employees.

SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Consumption
and Production

Responsible and sustainable consumption is at the heart of Videometer’s cause. With our work, we aid our clients in the development of more sustainable practices for production.
At Videometer, we have, for example developed instruments, which measure soil water potential, the counterfeiting of medical products, or the presence of invasive roots in agricultural grounds. These applications have been the trigger for a more conscious and sustainable production, which can be withheld in the long-term by our customers.

SDG17 Partnership for the Goals

For The Goals

Sustainability could not be achieved if it weren’t for combined efforts across the globe. That is why, at Videometer, we have undertaken a series of partnerships that strengthen our efforts.
In 2012, we undertook the SpectraSeed project to develop seed phenotyping inspection with spectral imaging.
In total, we have partnered with institutional players worldwide for a number of 8 projects. These project are aimed at ensuring a more conscious and innovative future for food, seed and more.

Supporting the Red Cross

In the pursuit of creating a more peaceful and fair society, Videometer contributes annually to the work of the Danish Red Cross and is part of its Corporate Club. We, as a company, believe in the difference even a small action can make for the world.
Videometer, as of March 2022, also supports the Ukrainian people by contributing to the Danish Red Cross’ response to the emergency.

CO2 Emissions

Videometer keeps a close eye on its CO2 emissions, aiming at reducing our negative footprint on the environment. We utilize the Climate Compass Tool to measure our Scope 1, Scope 2 and total emissions, which can be seen in tons in the table below.