We Measure What You See And Beyond!

We Measure What You See - And Beyond!

With more than 20 years experience, Videometer is your world-leading spectral imaging provider.
Our unprecedent experience in the spectral imaging field, makes our solutions innovative, robust and documented.
We work with a wide range of applications and industries - from agri to pharma and more! 


Spectral Imaging 
Made Easy

With its state-of-the-art, AI-driven technologies, the VideometerLab is an innovative instrument that makes spectral imaging within everyone’s reach.
Allowing for a wide range of applications, the VideometerLab is suitable for flexible usage in various industries.
Its features, functionalities and applications have been reviewed and challenged in over 300 scientific papers, documenting the instrument as an exponent of the Spectral Imaging Industry.
Discover Videometer’s flagship instrument and its powerful properties below!

Discover The VideometerLab
fruits quality control analyzed with spectral imaging

Benefits of Using the Videometer Technology

A one-in-its-kind, the Videometer Technology combines Spectral Imaging with elements of AI and Machine Learning and Multivariate Statistics. Our user-friendly instruments and unique software provide you with a high-caliber experience, enhancing the way you conduct quality control and product analysis.

Fast Analysis

Speed up your processes with the Videometer Technology. Our spectral imaging solutions combined with advanced machine-learning allow to rapidly analysis larger samples of a product in shorter time.

Easily Adaptive

Automate your quality control. Standardize your metrics and avoid misinterpretations of your results. Make your quality inspection more adaptive, objective and easy with our state-of-the-art technologies.

Documented Technology

A patented technology, that allows you to measure beyond what you see – the Videometer technology has been reviewed in over 300 scientific papers, documenting its functionalities.

Non-Destructive Quality Control

The Videometer Spectral Imaging Technology, allows to detect the chemical and physical structure of your product, allowing you to perform analyses that keep your product intact.

Trustworthy Know-How

At Videometer, we passionately share our knowledge with our customers. Our know-how is what makes our support valued and trusted by our users, who can retrieve educational material directly on our website or software.

Fit For Your Necessities

The Videometer Technology allows for a high customization. Not only does it serve a broad range of applications, but it can also be calibrated for different quality standards, locations and product types.

videometer sampling

Documented and Proven Technology

Choose a technology and a solution provider that has been challenged by users and scientists and proven to meet the needs for performance and robustness. Spectral imaging is a key technology of the present and the future and it typically provides at least an order of magnitude better contrast than more traditional color imaging systems.

Videometer has an unprecedented experience and track record for putting spectral imaging to work in everything from R&D laboratories to in-line production systems. Videometer developed advanced spectral imaging systems for 24/7 in-line sorting that have been in production since 2002.

More than 300 scientific papers using Videometer systems have been published. 

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Latest News

Spectral imaging. Machine learning. Quality control. We know them! 
Read our articles to keep updated on the industry’s latest news, research and studies and more.

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Detecting Thai Jasmine Rice Authenticity With the VideometerLab

VideometerLab allows you to detect Rice Authenticity, as well as, classification of this grain.

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