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Videometer Support

At Videometer, we offer a wide range of support tools for our customers.

Our aim is to help our clients master the Videometer products and receive the best customer care in case of issues. Log-in or sign-up to your Videometer Account to access all the Videometer support tools!

Troubleshooting Guide

Videometer Academy

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How to Contact Us

If you’re experiencing any issues that cannot be resolved with the tools provided above, contact us directly at videometerlabsupport@videometer.com. When contacting us, please state the following: 


Name, affiliation, contact information.


Product Identification and version of Software

If using VideometerLab Software, please include all Logfiles, as shown here. 


Screen capture of error messages

How and when does the issue express itself? Use Windows “Snipping tool” or “Snip & Sketch” app to make screen capture, and mail error messages.


Can you reproduce the issue?

Make a complete power cycle (turn off Videometer system and computer and start it up again), then provide the exact steps to arrive at the issue.


Was anything changed before the issue started?

Any hardware changes? Any operating system changes or updates? Any changes in permissions or network by your IT department? Any change of user?



If you are using the VideometerLab software then submit the issue with a description, or follow the instructions here to get a complete status of the issue and mail us the generated zip-file.