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Textile Applications

Textile quality and textile treatment may be assessed by spectral imaging using the VideometerLab and Videometer MultiRay.

Yarn color, abrasion, fuzz and pills, enzymatic treatment effect, backstaining, cotton seed coat fragments, weave or knit texture are just examples of properties that may be quantified.

• Raw Materials
• Dying Process
• Denim Measurements
• Fuzz and Pills
• Seed Coat Fragments
• Weave Analysis

Textiles at a Glance

Get a glance into the Videometer spectral imaging technology and its application for textiles. 

Download our presentation to learn more about the advantage of spectral imaging for such materials, the research behind it and the different measurements available.

From raw materials to denim abrasion, we offer a wide array of inspections to improve, automate and speed up the quality control of your products.

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