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“During the work with the Elder Westrogothic Law (Äldre
Västgötalagen) we used VideometerLab to make spectral imaging and
analysis of four partially or largely unreadable pages. During this
process we obtained valuable new information and VideometerLab
proved to be a highly useful and efficient tool. Thanks to the
Videometer images, we now know a lot more about the author, than
we knew before.”

Per-Axel Wiktorsson, Professor Emeritus in Swedish Language

Manuscripts from the
Middle Ages

Heritage analysis is now possible with spectral imaging solutions. Hand-written manuscripts from the Middle Ages on parchment or paper and other cultural heritage artifacts may reveal new important information under VideometerLab imaging.

Examples are manuscripts in the Arnamagnæan Collection at University of Copenhagen and the Elder Westrogothic Law at the National Library of Sweden.

Important information from manuscripts can be revealed with VideometerLab.

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Papyrus Roll Fragments

Papyri from fourth millenium BCE to 1100 CE may show significantly higher readability when viewed though VideometerLab.

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