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VideometerLab 500

The VideometerLab 500 is a VideometerLab instrument with a larger field-of-view of 500×250 mm and a pixel size of 120 µm. It can be used for bigger samples such as batches of potatoes, beets, apples or any products with a wide surface area to be measured.

The system comprises of a soft close drawer, that easily feeds the device with samples. Furthermore, it optionally includes a smart beamer, projecting indication lights onto the products to rapidly measure which should be approved and which do not meet quality standards.

Bigger Sample Sizes

With its soft closed drawer, the VideometerLab500, allows you to analyse samples with bigger surface areas – up to 500mm in length, 250mm in width and 120mm in height.
The system is perfect for products such as fish and meat fillets, potatoes, apples or any non-destructive analysis for large surfaces.

Technical Specifications

The VideometerLab500 System integrates spectral imaging with machine learning and advanced multivariate statistics. Read about the different technical specifications that characterize the system. 


• 17 strobes with wavelengths 405nm -970 nm
• Minimized noise from shading and specular reflections
• Extended dynamic range through strobed illumination
• One optional illumination


• 12.3 Mpix per wavelength
• USB 3 for optimal imaging speed
• 113.8 µm/pixel
• 500 mm x 250 mm field-of-view


• Data-efficient machine learning algorithms that integrates application domain knowledge into the models
• Artificial intelligence guides users towards the optimal settings
• Models incorporate knowledge of image acquisition and variations originating from anything else than the sample are suppressed

Application Examples

Fruits and Vegetables

Baked and Fried Goods


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