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VideometerLab Software

VideometerLab Software

The VideometerLab’s heart is its one-of-a-kind software. It allows you to enhance the capabilities of your instrument using multivariate statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The software is powerful and easy to use. To speed up the process of learning the versatile software, we prepared Videometer Academy – a collection of lessons aimed at navigating all of the software’s tools and features.
Our team is constantly working on improvements and new updates of the VideometerLab Software to unlock new technological possibilities: from cloud integrations to new hardware solutions, the VideometerLab software is a comprehensive tool for all your application and uses.

VideometerLab 3.24 – What’s New?


Videometer Workspaces

The new Videometer Workspaces allow you to have a location to store and organize your files coherently. The Workspaces also allow you to share your data and collaborate with your stakeholders worldwide. 


Pixel Classifier Tool

The Pixel Classifier Tool is a new powerful option for the discrimination of multiple variables with one unique workflow. 


Feature Generator

The Feature Generator tool automatically generates your product’s features that are suitable for Blob Analysis, making your daily work faster and more efficient. 


Multi-lingual Setup

Use the Blob Analyzer Tool in different languages, based on your preferences. Choose between English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Chinese and more. 

VideometerLab 3.22 Main Features


New Instruments

You are now able to integrate the software with two new instruments – the Videometer SeedLab and VideometerLite.?


Enhanced Segmentation Builder

Experience a new and improved segmentation builder, that is easier to perform because of its step-by-step design.


My Videometer

Access My Videometer to see your inventory and download your licenses.


Manual Feeder

The Manual Feeder option will now allow you to use Autofeeder functionalities on smaller sample sizes.


New Storyboard Options

Get an enhanced analysis of your liquids with the storyboard improvements, now including NIR, UV and Turbidity reports.


New Spectra Database

Access the spectra database to compare your products’ spectral profile to their standard profiles.


Automated Updating of Classifiers

Update classifiers based on blobs scanned with the Autofeeder. This new functionality takes blobs with manually set reference classes, adds them to the classification model and trains a new version of the classifier.

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  • Hotline
  • Access to Videometer Cloud
  • Software Updates
  • On-Site Support (Europe)
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