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VideometerLab Autofeeder

Automated, Fast,

With its advanced mathematical models, the Videometer technology automates quality inspection by analysing and classifying grains based on their features.

The Videometer technology is capable of analyzing large samples of grains in a matter of minutes, helping your processes become more rapid and efficient.

With its user-friendly interface, the VideometerLab Autofeeder is an easy-to-use instrument, which can be operated by anyone with little training.

Watch the videos below to learn about automated, fast and easy corn quality inspection.

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Documented, Reproducible,

The VideometerLab Autofeeder stores the results of your analysis in different formats, both visual and numerical, so that you can document your analysis for further processing.

The characteristics of the Videometer technology allow for reproducible measurements of the grain analysis – over time and across instruments.

Each recipe can be customized based on your needs and the quality inspection you perform for your grains. The models can, indeed, be adjusted for different grain features.

Enhanced Quality Inspection

Enhance the capacity of your VideometerLab System with the Autofeeder option.

The Autofeeder option together with the VideometerLab System provides a high throughput multispectral analysis instrument for granular samples.
The Autofeeder option uses a vibrator to distribute granules from a funnel evenly onto a belt.

The belt transports the granules under the VideometerLab scanner and subsequently into a collection box. Images of the sample are acquired, segmented and analyzed, and a summary report is automatically created at the end of the measurement.

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VideometerLab Autofeeder

“The VideometerLab Autofeeder option recognizes internal and external features of grains, which we wouldn’t be able to detect manually with the same efficiency.”

Josh Zangger, President

Analyse, Pick and Sort 

By option the system can be customized with a robot that picks up selected granules, based on the analysis result. The picking system is designed for physical sorting of high value granules, e.g. removal of defect granules (broken, non-germinating, infected).

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