We measure what you see - and beyond!


Videometer aims at excellence within spectral imaging. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the most advanced technologies in the industry, allowing users to experience quality control in a different light.

Our core is to constantly improve ourselves, both in terms of technology and as people. Because of this, we, as a company, value progress and knowledge.
We focus on being transparent and caring towards our customers. We value honesty both internally and throughout our supply chain.

At Videometer, diversity is an asset, which empowers us to grow as people and as professionals. That is how we are able to better our products and solutions day by day.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented and bright people to join our team.
At Videometer we value teamwork, curiosity and challenges. We strive when we work together and can learn from each other.
If this sounds like the perfect place for you, check out our open positions below.

C# Software Developer

Life at Videometer

At Videometer, we care about our employees and offer them the opportunity to work in an exciting and striving environment. 
Employees are offered among other benefits: 

Career Growth

The opportunity to develop your own career path, growth opportunities with additional university courses, specializations and educations. 

Lunch Plan

Our canteen is among the best in Denmark, with delicious, all-organic, gourmet food. 
A lunch plan is provided by the company to every employee. 

Pension and Health Insurance

Each employee is provided with a pension and health insurance plan, which includes mental health, stress and crisis help. 

Social Activities

We like to plan social activities with each other. We hold Friday Bars at least once a month, a summer activity, summer BBQs and Christmas dinner. 

From Our Team

Tobias Have

Vision System Designer

It is a great pleasure to be a part of a team with so many curious, creative and committed people with so various peak competences.
Where the average day is about developing advanced technical products and solutions, in a busy and complex but yet always joyful, friendly and relaxed environment. Where you always know and feel that your work is meaningful and valuable for both colleagues and customers.
It is almost impossible to spend a day in Videometer without making a difference, having a good time, a good laugh and a new learning.

Nette Schultz

Chief Innovation Officer

I really enjoy that we are always in development mode, meaning that we constantly have new things to investigate and progress with. We have so many ideas, some of course better than others, but this is how development and innovation is, shifting between exploring and narrowing down in a constantly iterative cyclic process.

Kimon Togrou

Software Developer

Every day is an opportunity to go on an exciting journey of discovery in an environment that fosters continuous learning. Whether it’s attending workshops, engaging in stimulating discussions, research projects or seminars, we are encouraged to expand our skill set. Even more fulfilling is the incredible teamwork. We work side by side, leveraging diverse perspectives to overcome challenges and drive innovation. I am proud of the contributions we make to the world of spectral imaging together.

Contact us

You are welcome to reach out to us, if you have any questions about the above open jobs.