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Fruits and Vegetables

Assessment of Freshness, Purity and Maturity

Are you uncertain of the freshness of your fruit and vegetables? How can you know if there are mechanical damages or bruises underneath the peel or skin? And how about the product maturity? How to assess fruit firmness?

To have the best and most fresh products for your customers, these are important parameters to assess. Especially in case of storage. When using the VideometerLab for multispectral imaging you can assess the plant, fruit and vegetables quality in less than one minute.


Analyse Different Aspects

The powerful Videometer technology allows you to assess different aspects of your fruit and vegetables, that may not be easily assessable by the naked eye.

Maturity and ripeness
Damages and infections
Freshness and oxidation
Color and visual quality

To Name a Few

How to perform quality assessment of fresh fruit?

You can easily assess the quality of the following applications by using the VideometerLab:


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Leafy Greens

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Goji Berries

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Nuts and Dried Fruits

The Videometer technology allows for the analysis of nuts and dried fruits, as well.
Hazelnut roasting quality can, for examples, be analyzed rapidly by using the VideometerLab.

Classyfing Defects

All nuts are marked as BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) with a reference class and sorted by said classes. 

For example, hazelnuts can be sorted by roasting degree, area or more features suited to your needs.