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Baked and Fried Products

Baked and Fried Products

Videometer’s technology is adaptive to your needs and the inspection needed for your baked and fried goods.

The quality of these can be assesed by analysing the following features with our spectral imaging technologies:

• Moisture
• Browning
• Dimensions after processing
• Burned particles
• Texture
• Browning homogeneity

Potato Strip – Food Quality Control

In the VideometerLab software, customers can build their own database of virtual strips in high spectral and spatial resolution and define quality classes. Furthermore, this can be used to detect impurities and other defects in potatoes.

Secondly, this technology can be applied in any production or R&D laboratory, where potatoes are used as ingredients in the food supply chain. In addition, such a database can be transferred from one location to another.

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