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VideometerLab Troubleshooting Guide

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The VideometerLab Troubleshooting Guide gives you the answers to the issues you may encounter and solves your problems rapidly and efficiently. 
If your problems persist after the troubleshooting, you are welcome to contact us at

Follow this step by step guide in order to troubleshoot VideometerLab software or hardware issues.


Can you successfully start the VideometerLab Software?

Are all these available?

           1. VideometerLab application or VideometerLab installation package? Installation file found here.
           2. A valid VideometerLab license? Get it from Licenses or ask Videometer support line for your license file.
           3. A compliant PC (16 GB RAM, Win 10 Pro, USB3 superspeed (VL4) or GigE (VL2 and VL3), extra USB port)

All of the above are available, but VideometerLab is still not workin.
           1. Check that antivirus and anti-ransomware such as cybereason don’t block the installation.

If you cannot install the VideometerLab software please confirm that you have administrator rights in the VideometerLab pc. Check the disk space as the installation and Instrument Calibration requires minimum 2 GB of free disk space.
Please make sure that there is no old version of the software installed or running at the installation pc. You may remove any VideometerLab by selecting “Start” ➡


Can you successfully initialized the VideometerLab Instrument?

1. Make sure that the VideometerLab is turned on and the front logo is flashing.

2. If asked for a config file, get it by logging in on or ask Videometer support line for your config file.

3. If the strobecontroller is not found, make sure that the USB2 port of the VideometerLab is connected to a working USB port on the PC.
    Try to disconnect and connect the USB-cable to see if strobecontroller is detected. Do not use a USB-hub in between PC and VideometerLab.

4. If the camera is not found and the instrument is a VideometerLab 2 or VideometerLab 3
             Be sure that the camera driver is installed exactly according to the readme file found in JAI Driver.
             Driver and all necessary files are in the same folder.
             Be sure to follow the instructions in JAI Camera Setup, Windows firewall, and Windows Power Settings carefully.
             If the camera is still not found then try the app JAIControlTool in C:Program FilesJAISDKbin and check if this can find the camera.
             If the camera is still not found there may be more GigE plugs on the PC. Try swithcing to another plug.
             If the camera is still not found then try changing the GigE cable between VideometerLab and PC.

5. If the camera is not found and the instrument is a VideometerLab 4
             Power cycle the instrument by removing power cable and USB cables. Then wait 10 seconds and turn on the instrument.
             Finally, reboot your PC and connect the cables again.

Make sure that a superspeed USB cable of max 1 m length is connected between the VideometerLab and a superspeed USB port on the PC. No USB hub should be used in this connection.


Can you successfully calibrate the VideometerLab Instrument?

1. If it’s the first time you calibrate the VideometerLab, please check that you have at least 2 GB free disk space on the drive where the software is installed – usually the C drive.
2. If you get error messages such as: Capture Error: GrabberReturnedError_MissingPackets, Missing frames then go back to question 2.4 or 2.5.
3. If you get “Not ok” in the calibration check then try to dedust the calibration plates with air from a hand blower and calibrate again.


Are there still problems?

If any of the problems above persists or if your issue is not covered by this troubleshooting guide, please report the problem to us and send us the system footprint, as shown below. The zip file can be transferred to us by or by mail if size allows.

How to send support information

The method for sending support information differs based on the VideometerLab Software Version you have. See the following table to select the apropiate method.

After 3.14.22Go to "Help", and click "Collect support information".
Click "Collect"
Send us the "" file on the Desktop
error logs,
instrument configurations
current session usage
3.6.26- 3.14.21Go to "Help", and click on "System Footprint"
Click "Start", wait for data to be collected
Click "OK"
Click "Generate Zip", "OK"
Send us the file "" from the desktop
error logs,
instrument configurations
current session usage
Before 3.6.26Click "File", and click on "Preferences"
Click on "Folders"
Click "Open" next to Log Folder
Zip the content of the folder and send it to us
Error logs


You are ready to go!