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Versatile Platform for Customized In-Line Solutions

VideometerLine is a powerful platform for building customized spectral imaging solutions for in-line and on-line quality and process control that secure product quality.

The Videometer technology provides sublime accuracy, high robustness and highly reproducible measurements.

VideometerLine is an in-line implementation of Videometer key technologies directly in the production line, like for example:

 • Spectral imaging modules,
 • 3D imaging modules, and/or
 • Multiray modules

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“The Videometer Vision System ensures a more consistent quality of our shielding covers, increases our production capacity, and frees man-power for other tasks.”

Jesper Duedahl, Project Manager

Application Examples


Microbiology and Pharma


Automated Medical Device Inspection

Robot Vision Assembly Line for Toilet Seats

Key Features


Customized for the application in terms of:

• Orientation: e.g. darkfield, brightfield, frontlight, backlight, laser
• Wavelength: UV, visual, NIR, IR, or a combination
• Intensity: high speed requires high intensity


Customized for the application in terms of: 

• Position and orientation: one or multiple cameras, field-of-view, distortion, calibration, environment/maintenance
• Resolution: pixel size for the given camera pose
• Frame rate: higher line speed and throughput requires faster frame rate
• Wavelength: UV, visual, NIR, IR, or a combination