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Chocolate Analysis

Videometer’s technology can be divided into spectral analysis and imaging when it comes to chocolate analysis. Those two categories can aid in research and measurements of chocolate milk, bar or mousse.

Spectral Analysis

chocolate blooming analysis
Assess accurate color and color changes, oxidation
Increased product flexibility
Enhance product structure
Measure undiluted samples

Imaging Analysis

The images on the right present: chocolate foam capture by the VideometerLab, pore makers, and, lastly, segmented pores. 


Deals effectively with heterogeneity.


Bubbles, particles, marbling, irregular layers

Color Changes in Chocolate

Discoloration on chocolate appears due to two reasons either sugar bloom or fat bloom. VideometerLab is able to analyse sweet bars using spectral imaigng and AI, the image highlights the differences clearly which can not be visible to a human eye.

chocolate analysis bar color change RGB

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Moreover, the technology works also for liquids, such as chocolate milk. VideometerLiq can measure various metrics, such as color changes.

chocolate analysis color change