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Software Release

VideometerLab software is a powerful tool for analyzing spectral images and building recipes for routine analysis tasks. The software is licensed and needs a license file in order to run.


Videometer Preview

VideometerPreview is our free image viewer for HIPS images. It is simple to use and allows you to see and explore all spectral bands.


Videometer Image Converter

Videometer ImageConverter is our free image converter from HIPS images to standard graphics formats like bmp, png, and jpeg. It is simple to use but be aware that the output image does not contain the same pixel value resolution and also lacks some meta data.


TeamViewer Quick Support

TeamViewer Quick Support is built into the VideometerLab software and is called by Help->Internet resources->Videometer Remote Support. If you do not have the software or if it for some reason does not run then you can download TeamViewer Quick Support here.