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Spectral Imaging Discriminates Varieties of Eggplant Seeds

A new research paper shows how spectral imaging together with machine learning can discriminate eggplant seed varieties.

Fast and non-invasive estimation of Meat Microbiological Quality

A new paper shows that combining spectral image features from the VideometerLab provides non-invasive technique for the microbiological quality of minced pork meat.

Videometer summit 2020

Videometer Summit 2020

Videometer Summit took place in January 2020. It was a whole day meeting where global sales team of Videometer gathered to exchange their experiences on customer satisfaction.

Videometer at Beijing police expo

VideometerLab exhibited at 2018 Beijing Police Expo

Have you wondered how police is detecting fingerprints or body fluids? Read more about the newest technology in forensics.

The Automatic AI Straw Counter

The automatic AI Straw Counter by Videometer enables rapid and accurate counting. Read more to learn about our customer story.

A virtual file Seed File for Genebank Management

Videometer allows creating virtual seed file. Genebank Management helps researchers to understand phenotyping and further development of seeds.

How to check moisture and water-holding capacity in cooked meat?

A new study demonstrates how the VideometerLab can be used to acquire fast measurement of moisture content in cooked meat.

Merck using VideometerLab wins CoSMoS Olympics gold medal again

Second-year in a row Merck team wins gold medal using VideometerLab.

Videometer exhibition at 7th Seed Health Symposium

Seed health assessment by spectral imaging together with Videometer. Read more how this technology will be presented.

We got awarded with ISPE 2013 for outstanding work

2 students working with VideometerLab UV got awarded with ISPE Student Prize.