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DiTECT, TraceMyFish and SAFFI joint workshop

DiTECT, TraceMyFish and SAFFI joint workshop

On the 20th of October 2023, experts in the food industry and technology gathered for a joint workshop, organized by professor George Nychas of the Agricultural University of Athens and held at the university’s premises. The symposium welcomed partners from the EU-supported sister projects: DiTECT, TraceMyFish and SAFFI Consortium (Safe Food for Infants in the EU and China).

DiTECT project brings key research and industrial partners to elevate food safety standards through cutting-edge technology and robust big data platforms. Over the past three years, the project has fostered a strengthened partnership between China and the European Economic Area, with a specific focus on advancing food analysis for quality and sustainability.

TraceMyFish project aims to enhance traceability and quality monitoring throughout the fish value chain. Stakeholders collaborate to design and implement a Fish Management System. Key partners, from both research and industry, are working together to enable seamless information flow throughout the seafood industry by leveraging capabilities of spectral imaging, AI, data architecture, and more.

Application of Spectral Imaging in the Field of Food Science

Videometer – as a DiTECT and TraceMyFish partner – was represented by CEO, Jens Michael Carstensen and CINO, Nette Schultz. Taking the stage at the joint workshop, Michael held a lecture by the title “Application of Spectral Imaging in the Field of Food Science”, where the capabilities of the VideometerLab in food testing and quality inspection were depicted.

At Videometer we firmly believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are key ingredients for meaningful innovation. The joint workshop emerged as a vital platform, fostering the exchange of ideas and discussions on how novel smart technologies can revolutionize and enhance food safety practices.


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