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Videometer Webinar Series Spring 2024

Videometer Webinar Series Spring 2024

We’re happy to announce that, for the third year in a row, we will be holding the Videometer Webinar Series.  

This Series is thought for people who would like to learn more about the VideometerLab Software and would like to get an introduction on the different tools and flows within the platform.  

You may follow the webinars in their order, as you will get a step-by-step guide for a typical workflow with the VideometerLab by doing so. However, it is possible to participate in any desired webinar. Among the different topics touched upon are:  

  • Spectral Image Acquisition and Basic Analysis (FREE) – March 5th: This webinar introduces you to the world of spectral imaging within Videometer. Here, we showcase the VideometerLab Software basic functionalities and their fields-of-use, so that you can deepen your understanding of the technology behind the VideometerLab and software.  
  • Machine Learning for Spectral Images – March 19th: Dive into the algorithms, advanced multivariate statistics, machine learning and AI that drive some of the VideometerLab Software functionalities, such as transformations and segmentations. This webinar will aid you in understanding which functionalities are better suited for your applications.  
  • Applications of Spectral Imaging for FoodAg Integrity – April 2nd: Spectral imaging is a powerful technology for the food and agricultural industries. The Videometer technology is used to perform analysis and measurements for food integrity. In this webinar we will look into some food applications and show some analysis and workflow examples for the assessment of different products. In this way, you will be able to get inspiration for your specific measurements.  
  • In Depth nCDA, nMahalanobis, MNF/PCA – April 16th: This webinar shows you how to apply the Videometer transformations to your use cases. Transformations are advanced algorithms that distinguish objects from one another. You will get a hands-on approach to the use of these advanced functionalities. 
  • Segmentation Building – April 30th: The VideometerLab Software allows you to segment objects by performing advanced “separations” and filtering. This step-by-step functionality is found in the Segmentation Builder Tool. 
  • Session Recipe Building – May 14th: This webinar introduces you to Recipe Building, a functionality particularly useful when performing automatic statistical analysis on your applications. This tool is user friendly and easy to use, at it only requires one button click. The session teaches you to use the Session Recipe Tool to start creating your own recipes. 
  • Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging – May 21st: Fluorescence is particularly useful for certain application cases, such as chlorophyll or mold detection. Dive into the use of the Videometer filter changer, which enables the capturing of fluorescence in your images. The multi-fluorescence filter changer is a Videometer add-on which can be added to your instrument to enable fluorescence capturing.  
  • Introduction to CDT (Classifier Design Tool) – June 11th: The CDT is a powerful software that allows you to create advanced models for classifications. It is an extra software you can add to your VideometerLab license. In this brief introduction you will get an introduction on the benefits of using said tools and the opportunities it brings for automating your analysis.  

The webinars are easily purchasable on the Videometer online shop, as separate entities, or bundles of five and run every six months. You can find the dates and times for each webinar on our website. You are always welcome to send us feedback and suggestions on new topics or improvements, and we invite you to check the vast range of learning materials we offer our customers.  

We look forward to seeing you in our 2024 webinar series! 


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