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A Great Year Together – Videometer’s Quarterly Newsletter

A Great Year Together – Videometer’s Quarterly Newsletter

The last twelve months have been busy with new developments and strengthened collaborations at Videometer. Our fourth and last Newsletter is here to shed light on the key 2023 and upcoming year updates!

At Videometer, we believe that knowledge-sharing and collaboration with experts in the industry is crucial for the growth of technology. That is why we are proud to partner with key stakeholders and participate in a variety of research projects.

Videometer, as a global business and partner, aids genebanks around the world by providing innovative methods for improved preservation of seed genetic data. In 2023, we visited and were visited by several of these genebanks to further strengthen the collaboration for the common goal of protecting of biodiversity.

This year the EU-supported TraceMyFish project was completed for an increase of traceability and monitoring across seafood value chain. Further, we are continuing to work together with specialists in the industry to ensure improvement of dairy powder stability (AMUSE Project), advance future food safety systems (DiTECT Project), and provide real-time robust on-line monitoring for food production (Exchequer Project).

Our Product Developers have been busy with preparing novel robust instruments that will further accelerate spectral analyses for our customers. A recommenced VideometerLab 500 accommodates users who wish to analyze samples that are large in size. An enlarged image field with adjustable depth allows to take images of e.g. larger foods such as apples.  On the other hand, a new instrument, the VideometerLab 40, aids customers with smaller samples such as powders or seeds. The novel system can capture and distinguish even the smallest samples.

This year we unveiled the Videometer Webshop – an online platform where our customers can purchase additional licenses, service level agreements or hardware add-ons in a secure and seamless manner.  

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a joyous holiday season and a time of hope and empathy for the world.

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