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corn kernels

Detection of aflatoxin-contaminated maize seeds

How to check if the food is safe? Why detecting aflatoxin in food is crucial? The new study shows how VideometerLab analyses corn kernels.

Detecting Thai Jasmine Rice Authenticity With the VideometerLab

VideometerLab allows you to detect Rice Authenticity, as well as, classification of this grain.

pepper seeds

Genetic Purity Assessment on pepper seed

Genetic Purity on pepper seed has accuracy of 97% with VideometerLab. Read more about the Chinese study where they used Videometer’s instrument.


Growth stimulation measured by PhenoLab using Multispectral Imaging

Learn how multispectral imaging can be used in water use efficiency. This article explores the collaboration of Videometer and PhenoLab.

Invitation to Blob Tool & CDT Workshop

Join our workshop to learn how to use and utilize Classifier Design Tool and Blob Tool. Learn from our CTO, Karsten Hartelius.

Food Quality Control – Hazelnut Analysis with Spectral Imaging

Spectral imaging allows faster and more accurate analysis for food quality control & food safety. Learn more how Videometer can aid you.

Rhizosphere, Root Imaging at University of Copenhagen

Learn here about collaboration between University of Copenhagen and Videometer on root imaging and rhizosphere and its application.

We got awarded with ISPE 2013 for outstanding work

2 students working with VideometerLab UV got awarded with ISPE Student Prize.