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Videometer Experts Meet Experts Webinar Series – Spring 2023

Videometer Experts Meet Experts Webinar Series – Spring 2023

Our team is constantly working on new advancements for our instruments and software. Apart from development and updates of our systmes, our experts focus on knowledge-sharing through numerous activities.

During the onboarding process, new Videometer users receive a collection of manuals that provide recommendations and guidance on how to use hardware and software. Furthermore, our customers have access to Videometer Academy, a collection of learning session videos, as well as live training with one of the Videometer experts. Lastly, if any questions or issues arise, our customer can always reach their contact person to get further help.

Experts Meet Experts Webinar Series Spring 2023

The availability of learning materials allows our customers to comprehend spectral imaging and utilize the powerful tools of the Videometer technology within a short frame of time. We believe that learning should not end after the onboarding process. That is why we initiated a webinar series – Videometer Experts Meet Experts – which, starting March 9th 2023, will have its third edition.

The webinar series is a collection of learning sessions followed by live Q&A – an hour filled with extensive and comprehensive information. We provide webinars on topics ranging from Food and Agriculture imaging applications to Session Recipe Building or Introduction to CDT. We believe that every Videometer user will find something relevant to their area of work!

Sign up today and join us for the spring edition of the Videometer Webinar Series!

Mar 09, 16.00 CET – Spectral Image Acquisition and Basic Analysis FREE

Mar 23, 16.00 CET – Machine Learning for Spectral Images

Apr 13, 16.00 CET – Applications of Spectral Imaging for FoodAg Integrity

Apr 27, 16.00 CET – In Depth nCDA, nMahalanobis, MNF/PCA

May 11, 16.00 CET – Segmentation Building

May 25, 16.00 CET – Session Recipe Building

Jun 01, 16.00 CET – Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging with FilterChanger

Jun 15, 16.00 CET – Introduction to CDT


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