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Webinar Series 2023

A Space for Learning

The new Videometer Webinar series for Autumn 2023 will help you gain new tools that will make you a Videometer technology super-user!
On this page, you will be able to find more information about each webinar, so that you can have an overview of the topics that will be touched upon each time. All webinars will consist of two parts: a half an hour learning session and a half an hour live Q&A session, for a total of 1 hour.
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Spectral Image Acquisition and Basic Analysis

Join the webinar journey with the first FREE session by Videometer’s CEO Jens Michael Carstensen, who will explore in detail spectral imaging and its application.

Are you wondering how does spectral imaging work? Or how spectral imaging analysis is implemented with the VideometerLab? Then this webinar is for you! 

3rd of October 2023, 16.00  (CET) FREE

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Dates and Times

Oct. 3rd, 16.00 CET - Spectral Image Acquisition and Basic Analysis FREE

Oct. 10th, 16.00 CET - Machine Learning for Spectral Images

Oct. 24th, 16.00 CET - Applications of Spectral Imaging for FoodAg Integrity

Nov. 7th, 16.00 CET - In Depth nCDA, nMahalanobis, MNF/PCA

Nov. 21st, 16.00 CET - Segmentation Building

Nov. 28th, 16.00 CET - Session Recipe Building

Dec. 5th, 16.00 CET - Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging with FilterChanger

Dec. 12th, 16.00 CET - Introduction to CDT

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You can choose between two different pricing plans, based on your interests and needs. 
When purchasing the five webinar plan, you are welcome to select your webinars at different times. 

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