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The Importance of Digital Seeds in Future Seed Testing – ISTA Seed Symposium

The Importance of Digital Seeds in Future Seed Testing – ISTA Seed Symposium

In the latest years, Videometer has been working to aid the seed industry in its aim towards innovation and digitalization. The latest technologies within spectral imaging can, optimize and increase the results in seed treatment, germination, and more. The key to further development is the availability of digital information during seed analysis – with the VideometerLab, the technician can see beyond the human naked eye.

Meet us at the ISTA Seed Symposium

As the industry is constantly growing, it is crucial to be part of the discussion with other seed experts. We are excited to announce that our CEO, Jens Michael Carstensen, will be present at this year’s ISTA Seed Symposium. From the 2nd to the 4th of November 2022, Athens will be a place to exchange ideas, collaborate, discuss and learn about the future of the seed industry and how it can further advance in the upcoming year.

On the Importance and Use Cases of Digital Seeds

Come by and visit us at the poster: ‘On the importance and use cases of digital seeds in future seed testing’ by Jens Michael Carstensen, Karsten Hartelius, Christian Gleerup, and Oksana Bondarenko for the upcoming symposium. The project puts emphasis on how digital copies of seeds further enhance seed testing. Moreover, it shows the importance of digital seeds for the future of the industry.

The poster presents how the VideometerLab’s spectral bands, supported by machine learning, can determine primary and secondary features of the sample. These could be features such as color, texture, spectral indices, and more. Furthermore, features that are crucial for quality control, such as germination, damage, or early sprouting, can be measured using the instrument.

We believe that the upcoming days in Athens will be filled with fruitful conversations and important discussions on the quality of seeds in sustainable agriculture. Find us at ISTA Seed Symposium or book a coffee-talk here.


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