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Establishing automated seed grain analysis for certification

Establishing automated seed grain analysis for certification

Seed grain analysis can be used for quality inspection, certification, treatment, and more. The certification of granular products is perceived to be lengthy and not so easy to reproduce. The project’s aim is to propose an automated, precise solution for certifying seeds and grains.

From the 1st of September 2022, four stakeholders will collaborate to create an automatic seed grain analyzer for certification. The project will run for approximately three years, with the end of the project estimated to be the end of 2025. The Pajbjerg Foundation will grant the research and development process.

Project Partners

Nordic Seed, one of the participants in this project is specialized in grain breeding, conducting experiments, and trade of seeds. With over 2000ha of land, breeders can both propagate new varieties and perform trials. An organization with such capabilities can be perceived as one of the experts in the industry. In this project, they will be responsible for leading various tests on the developed instrument.

A second stakeholder in the granted project is Tystofte Fonden, an official Danish certification issuer in the field of seed and grain testing. The organization is CPVO-entrusted and ISTA-accredited in relation to sampling procedures. In the development of automated seed grain analysis for certification, they will act as advisers and be responsible for the precision and high quality of the sampling process.

The Department of Agroecology of Aarhus University will participate in the project as an expert in research in the field of seed and grains. Martin Himmelboe, a Ph.D. candidate at Aarhus University, will participate in the process with a focal area of focus on seed certification analyses and statistics. 

Videometer is a spectral imaging company that provides instruments with elements of AI, machine learning, and multivariate statistics. The state-of-art instrument – Videometer SeedLab – will be proposed in this project as a solution for automating seed analysis. The company will be responsible for further development of the instrument, system training, and mathematical modeling in the area of research.


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