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How to use the Transformation Builder? – Videometer Academy

Explore the Videometer Transformation builder and learn how to use it on your images to enhance your product’s analysis.

Spectral Imaging as a Transformer of the FoodAg Industry

Read about Videometer’s presence at IASIM with the seminar Spectral Imaging as a Transformer of the FoodAg Industry.

Videometer Aids the Inspection of Seeds Worldwide

Our technology helps IITA ensure food security by identifying and keeping track of Genebank Storage of African Crops.

Videometer at IASIM 2022 – Conference on Spectral Imaging

Videometer will be present at the IASIM 2022 exhibition in Esbjerg from July 3rd to July 6th. Come visit us and learn about our technology.

colloboration and frienship Videometer Newsletter

A spring of new products and applications – Videometer Quarterly Newsletter

The new Videometer quarterly newsletter is out! Learn about the new products, new applications, and more!

Detection of Robusta species in Arabica coffee beans

How pure is your coffee? A new study illustrates how the VideometerLab effectively determines adulterated Arabica coffee with Robusta beans.

How to test alfalfa seed vigor in a non-destructive way?

One of the key indicators of seed health is its vigor. Learn how spectral imaging effectively measures this metric in alfalfa seed.

CHAP Welcomes The Videometer SeedLab

The Videometer SeedLab is now available at CHAP.
Read how the system will revolutionize work at the laboratories and enhance seed testing.

Videometer at International Association for Food Protection 2022

Our CEO joined IAFP European Symposium 2022, by sharing his expertise on food protection and detection of contaminants in raw materials.

AUA Visitors at Videometer with the DiTECT Project

Check our latest news to see updates of Multispectral Imaging and to learn from our resources about the technology.