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How to use the Transformation Builder? – Videometer Academy

How to use the Transformation Builder? – Videometer Academy

A new addition: the Transformation Builder video

We are excited to announce that Transformation Builder learning video is now ready! It will be part of module 3 of Basic Videometer Academy.

This informative session explains how to use the Transformation Builder: in particular it looks into the three transformation methodologies: nCDA, nMahanalobis, and MNF. The session explains how the three methods differ from each other and what the individual use cases of these techniques are. Moreover, real-life examples are shown to further explain the endless possibilities of application, so that you can fit your use of the Transformation Builder to your needs.

To learn more about the Transformation Builder, click on the image below, login and see the video.

transformation builder video thumbnail

Videometer Academy: becoming a Videometer expert

At Videometer, we believe in sharing knowledge with our customers and partners. Therefore, we have prepared the Videometer Academy – a series of educational videos, that explain the different features of the Videometer Software in detail. The first modules (Pre-training Module and Basic Module 1) are offered free of charge to all new users.

Users are welcome to either follow the videos online or request specific training with one of our experts. The schedule of the training is accomodated to the user’s needs and availability.

Four basic training modules are shaped to introduce core, essential information needed for analysis with the VideometerLab. Users can go back to the videos, as well as record live sessions with a Videometer expert to ensure untroubled onboarding.

Furthermore, the academy consists also of two other levels – intermediate and expert. Here, we focus on specifics such as Blob Toolbox, Session Model Builder, or working with backlight. Lastly, for more experienced users Videometer offers in-depth, advanced learning sessions on Classifier Design Tool, MSI, or Fluorescence Imaging.

Access all Videometer Academy content here, and become a Videometer expert today!


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