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Spectral Imaging as a Transformer of the FoodAg Industry

Spectral Imaging as a Transformer of the FoodAg Industry

Transforming the FoodAg Industry

Since its early days, Videometer has been focusing on transforming the FoodAg Industry by developing spectral imaging technologies that aid companies improve their quality and safety systems. This is especially relevant for this industry, where the detection of quality traits, deterioration, damages, and contamination is paramount for the well-being of the consumer.

How does the technology work?

At the 2022 IASIM – Spectral Imaging Conference, Jens Michael Carstensen, Videometer’s CEO, held a seminar that focused on the important transformation role that spectral imaging provides to the food-ag industry.

The seminar explored the powerful combination of LED spectral imaging with multi-variate statistics, machine learning and cloud databases for quality inspections.

Videometer Transforming the FoodAg Industry presentation
Videometer at IASIM 2022 - Transforming the FoodAg Industry

“When used together with cloud databases of images and quality traits it allows for an elegant handling of phenotypic variability as well as process variability, and machine learning models can be created, updated, and deployed in an effective and efficient way” explains the abstract of the seminar.

(Carstensen et al., 2022)

During the conference, Videometer presented real life examples from various studies and client applications. These included quality testing of seed and grains with detection of purity, damages and mycotoxins, inspection of powders and food authenticity assessments.

The Videometer technology, in fact, allows you to automate the quantification, classification and inspection of food, seeds and grains in a non-destructive way. This is particularly beneficial for companies that wish to:

  • Save time and thus reduce their costs.
  • Allocate their resources to multiple activities and tasks at once.
  • Collect and save reliable, objective, and documented data on their samples.
  • Standardize their quality and safety inspection processes based on their needs.

With more than 20 years of experience, Videometer is a pioneer in the enhancement of quality and safety control processes with spectral imaging technologies and to this day counts more than 300 scientific paper, which continuously investigate new application areas.

Learn more

If you are interested in learning more, download the presentation from IASIM 2022 at the form below or contact us and request more information on our instruments and technologies. We will be happy to help you explore all spectral imaging solutions for the quality control of your products.


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