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Practical Digital Tools for Seed Quality Determination

Practical Digital Tools for Seed Quality Determination

Quality control and determination are paramount activities for the seed industry. In recent times, these tasks are being revolutionized by spectral imaging and AI technologies, such as the VideometerLab instrument, add-ons, and software.

Seeds are, in fact, heterogenous goods that necessitate accurate inspection for their usage to be profitable. Spectral imaging and AI technologies allow for this precision to be met and, additionally, for non-destructiveness, automation, documentation and speed.

On Wednesday August 3rd 2022, Videometer’s CEO Jens Michael Carstensen spoke at the Asia Pacific Seed Alliance’s webinar: “Application of Digital Tools for Quality Enhancement”. Here, he presented the many opportunities offered by the VideometerLab technology within seed quality.

Digital Tools for Seed Quality Determination
Videometer’s CEO presenting “Digital Tools for Seed Quality Determination” during APSA’s webinar. Credits: APSA, 2022.

But what precisely can be done?

Seed quality technologies

The Videometer product portfolio offers a wide range of tools for seed analysts, that can enhance their daily activities.

  • First and foremost, the VideometerLab’s spectral bands combined with machine learning algorithms support the determination of primary features within a seed batch. These include the seeds’:
    • Color
    • Spectral indices
    • Shape
    • Texture
    • Size and relative size
    • Contour
    • Position and relative position
    • Position and relative position
    • Orientation and relative orientation
  • Based on these parameters it is then possible to determine the seeds’ secondary features, which are crucial for quality control. These include:
    • Physical purity class
    • Damage
    • Seed health
    • Germination
    • Early emergence/priming/preharvest sprouting
    • Seed treatment
  • Once these features have been determined, you can combine the VideometerLab with a funnel and conveyor belt (VideometerLab with Autofeeder) that quickly analyses and classifies your seeds. In fact, an AI-built model is capable of classifying your seeds based on their features and saving them for documentation in different formats (numerical, visual, etc.). Furthermore, the software extension BLOB Tool allows you to visualize the seeds while their being analyzed and subsequently sort them digitally.
  • Finally, with the aid of a pick and place robot arm (Videometer SeedLab), you can physically sort your seeds based on their features.

Videometer across the seed and grain value chain

It is possible to use these technologies throughout the seed chain and create additional value in different steps of production.

Step in the value chainAnalysis Provided
Breeding and genetic resourcesScreening, phenotyping, ploidy, genebank management (off-type phenotype query)
Seed technologySeed coating, seed priming, seed pelleting, seed disinfection, seedborne disease control
SowingGermination, vigor, hydration, root and shoot analysis
GrowingField and greenhouse phenotyping, stressors, resistance
HarvestingMaturity assessment, preharvest sprouting, combine harvester control
TradingProduct appraisal, logistics, pricing
CleaningPhysical purity, broken, high value seed sorting, self-adjusting cleaning machines
RefiningMilling, mixing, pelleting, malting

Benefits of Spectral Imaging for Seed Quality

Spectral imaging and machine learning-driven instruments are a great tool for seed analysis. With these you are not only capable of enhancing your quality control with more precise results, but you can also gain proven benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Fast, objective and versatile assessments of seed and grain quality.
  • Purity, damages, contaminants, admixture, maturity, size and more evaluated all in one process instead of multiple ones.
  • Full documentation of all processes – including a digital seed library for all seeds and grains.
  • Non-destructive assessment of your goods.
  • Customizable models based on your needs and those of your seeds.

To learn more about Videometer’s seed solution download the presentation below or contact us directly for your inquiries.


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