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DENSO invites Videometer at AUTOMATIK Expo

DENSO invites Videometer at AUTOMATIK Expo

Videometer SeedLab

Videometer grows on collaborations and exchange of know-how. That’s why we value partnerships, which create synergies between players in our field. We are excited to announce that DENSO Robotics has invited us to participate in a conference filled with the latest industrial robotics and process automation: AUTOMATIK Expo.  

Over 1500 companies will meet at AUTOMATIK, which will be held between September 13th to 15th, 2022 in Brøndby, Denmark.

DENSO Robotics is one of the largest manufacturers of advanced robotics in the world and Videometer has the pleasure to use their SCARA robot for the development of the Videometer SeedLab. This pick and place robot arm helps with the physical sorting of granular samples, based on the analysis and classification made by the VideometerLab. The collaboration with DENSO ensures the development of a precise, automated, and complete system for sorting seeds and grains.

Spectral imaging for Process Automation

The AUTOMATIK conference is, not only a place for exhibiting the latest advancements in the industry but more importantly a site to gather experts and inspire conversations about the challenges of today and how to tackle them.

Videometer believes that knowledge sharing is crucial for innovation and further development. Furthermore, we are thrilled to showcase how spectral imaging, machine learning, and AI can revolutionize and automate work processes.

Where can you find us at AUTOMATIK Expo & Conference?

Meet us at the DENSO Robotics booth, B1426 located on the right to the main entrance of Brøndby Hallen, Brøndby Stadion 10.


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