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The VideometerLab Software v. 3.24 is Now Available

The VideometerLab Software v. 3.24 is Now Available

We are happy to announce that you can now download version 3.24 of the VideometerLab Software by logging in to your MyVideometer page.

Since the last software version release, our team has challenged itself and made a powerful and enhanced version that will help and enhance your daily work.

What’s new?

Workspaces that adapt to your needs

The Videometer Workspaces are virtual locations where you can store your results, recipes, and classification models in one placement. This ensures that your Videometer data is not lost and is easily accessible. With the 3.24 update, The VideometerLab Software allows you to choose the type of workspace that will suit your current needs in the best way.

A Personal Workspace is a location, where only one user has access to all files. While a Shared Local Workspace allows all Windows users on one device to use the same files – this can be great for you, if you are working in a group on one same project, or analyzing the same type of sample.

A third type of workspace now available is the Network Workspace. This option ensures flexibility as the user can choose either to store files on an external disk, network drive, or another suitable place on the machine. The Network Workspace is useful if you want your workspace to be “on-the-go” and not tied to a specific computing machine.

Workspaces on the cloud

We are also excited to announce that the Videometer Workspaces are now integrated with our cloud. Here, customers can choose between private and public workspaces. The Cloud Workspaces, in fact, allow to control who has access to them by setting “read only” or “read/write” permission for each user.

Private Workspace are created with the thought of organizations or communities who want to collaborate on session recipes, segmentation builders, or share their results. A Private Workspace is a location where you can distribute your work in an easy and secure way.

A Public Workspace, on the other hand, allows Videometer to share resources and knowledge. You will be able to find the latest segmentation and scripts developed by our experts. In addition, you will be able to access classification models and session recipes for common grains and seeds.

We are constantly working on expanding the Videometer Library, we believe that the exchange of know-how is key for mutual development.

New Pixel Classifier Tool

The new Pixel Classifier Tool allows users to discriminate multiple variables in a complex sample with just one workflow. This new feature will speed up your processes, as it is no longer necessary to create multiple transformations. It is fast and easy to use.

The VideometerLab Software uses advanced statistics and machine learning to ease the process and ensure the reproducibility of results.

Version 3.24 Pixel Classifier tool
The new Pixel Classifier Tool Segmenting nuts and fruits
Segmentation builder
You can now choose specific classes for further analysis.
Banana and apricot

Feature Generator – How to Utilize It?

The last crucial enhancement implemented in the new software update – 3.24 – is the Feature Generator. It is now possible to have an automatic generation of your product’s suitable features. This is a powerful tool that speeds up and enhances your processes.

You will now be able to automatically create and use optimal and stronger features, which will boost your classification models and everyday work.

Download VideometerLab v. 3.24

Download the VideometerLab Software 3.24 today, if you’re a customer with a valid service agreement.

Otherwise, contact us to get more information.


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