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EU-Funded Projects to Improve Quality Monitoring in the FoodAg Industry: DiTECT and TraceMyFish

EU-Funded Projects to Improve Quality Monitoring in the FoodAg Industry: DiTECT and TraceMyFish

This past May, Videometer hosted for a two-week period two researchers as part of the EU-funded projects – TraceMyFish and DiTECT.

Rapid Detection of Food Quality

Researcher, Lemonia Fengou, a Postdoc in Food Science from the Agricultural University of Athens, conducted research at the Videometer offices. For more than a decade, Videometer has had a well-established partnership with the Agricultural University of Athens, resulting in significant scientific research in the field of food. Lemonia’s involvement in the EU-funded DiTECT project focuses on food safety and authenticity, investigating adulteration levels in cooked meat and exploring methods to improve existing analysis techniques. Additionally, Lemonia actively participates in the TraceMyFish project as part of the Greek team, studying the quality and shelf-life of gilt-headed sea bream and seabass analyzing fisheyes and other features.

Lemonia brings years of expertise in rapidly detecting food quality and fraud, while reflecting on her research, she mentions:

During my Ph.D. and Postdoc, I used many sensors, some more challenging than others. I think that the VideometerLab is the one – it is fast and accurate.

Visit from AUA and UoI
From left to right: Videometer’s CiNO, Dr. Nette Schultz Carstensen, Ph.D. Candidate from the University of Iceland, Andrea Rakel Sigurðardóttir, Machine Learning Engineer, Christian Thyssen, Post.Doc. from the Agricultural University of Athense, Lemonia Fengou and Videometer’s CEO, Jens Michael Carstensen.

Fish Shelf Life Analysis

Andrea Rakel Sigurðardóttir, a Food Science Ph.D. student from the University of Iceland, joined Videometer to enhance traceability and quality monitoring in the fish value chain as part of the TraceMyFish project. Her research revolves around nematode detection in cod and fisheye analysis and other features on white fish to estimate product shelf life.

Utilizing both VideometerLab and VideometerLite, Andrea emphasizes the convenience and relevance of these instruments in various scenarios, whether in on-the-go situations or laboratory settings. While the experiment is still ongoing, early results are promising.

When asked about her experience with using Videometer instruments, Andrea shared:

In the beginning, we had good meetings with the Videometer experts. They taught us how to use the software, we tried a lot of things, and it was really nice and fun!

As part of Videometer’s expert user onboarding process, customers gain access to the Videometer Academy, a valuable resource offering informative and user-friendly learning materials and sessions. The positive feedback from Videometer users highlights the benefits of this learning platform.


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