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Customize your VideometerLab Spectral Imaging System for Quality Analysis

Customize your VideometerLab Spectral Imaging System for Quality Analysis

The VideometerLab is Videometer’s flagship instrument for spectral image acquisition. Together with the VideometerLab Software, it is a powerful and accurate solution for image analysis that can be applied in agriculture, food, pharma, and more. The robust technology can be used for quality control or exploratory studies, making it a highly versatile tool.


The standard VideometerLab comes with a range of robust features that can be used out-of-the-box, but the instrument is also highly customizable, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs. Customizing the VideometerLab can involve both hardware and software modifications, here are some of the ways you can customize VideometerLab for spectral imaging.

Customizing the Hardware of the VideometerLab

For example, the VideometerLab Agile incorporates an articulating arm that allows the user easy positioning of the instrument. The agility of the device might be useful when analyzing hair or skin e.g. treatment effect, color, or pigmentation disorders.  

The VideometerLiq allows for fast and robust shelf-life testing of liquid samples, the instrument can be converted into the VideometerLab in less than 5 minutes, making it a powerful solution for analysis of both liquid and solid products.

Similarly, the VideometerLab Autofeeder features a conveyor belt that provides high throughput for granular products. The Autofeeder option provides a vibrator that ensures the correct distribution of granules, in single-layer formation.

Furthermore, a pick and place robot arm can be attached for the physical sorting of the sample – the Videometer SeedLab.

VideometerLab with Autofeeder
Videometer SeedLab

Videometer is also developing tailored solutions to the specific needs of a customer, our engineers are ready to tackle your challenges!

Adapt the illumination of the VideometerLab

Illumination is a critical component of spectral imaging as it plays a vital role in capturing the spectral data of a sample. Spectral imaging is a technique that involves capturing and analyzing data from multiple wavelengths of light, allowing for a detailed analysis of the sample’s composition and properties. The Videometer user can adjust the number of wavelengths to the specific needs of the analysis. Furthermore, Videometer provides additional illumination, such as deep UV that can be utilized for the detection of subtle differences in the composition of the sample.

Customizing the VideometerLab Software

In addition to hardware modifications, users can also customize the integral part of the VideometerLab – the VideometerLab Software.

This can involve creating custom workflows for analyzing data or utilizing available toolboxes, such as the Classifier Design Tool or Pixel Classifier Tool to ensure custom-tailored software for daily operations at your organization. The Segmentation Builder allows for step-by-step design for highly custom imaging analysis. Furthermore, users can store, organize, and share files by utilizing Videometer Workspaces.

Tailor your VideometerLab System to your needs!

The combination of hardware and software customization can provide users with an unparalleled level of customization for their specific needs. By modifying both the hardware and software, users can optimize the spectral imaging system for a wide range of applications, ensuring that they get the best results possible.

Whether analyzing large, irregularly shaped samples, detecting subtle differences in sample composition, or performing other specialized analyses, the Videometer technology can be customized to meet your specific spectral imaging needs.


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