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Videometer’s Summer of Innovation – Quarterly Newsletter

Videometer’s Summer of Innovation – Quarterly Newsletter

With the end of the third quarter of 2023, we are happy to share the latest highlights and updates in our quarterly newsletter!

This September marked the introduction of the Videometer webshop, so that you, our Videometer users, can enhance your spectral imaging experience. The secure and user-friendly online shop allows you to acquire licenses, service level agreements, hardware add-ons, and more.

As part of the NordicSeed project, the Videometer SeedLab has been placed at the NordicSeed facilities in Odder, Denmark to further strengthen automation of seed certification, with non-destructive classification and sorting.

Knowledge-sharing is a core value of Videometer, we strive to further innovate the industries and collaborate with its experts. Videometer will be present at the leading F&B Manufacturing conference in Dubai – Gulfood. We are looking forward to fruitful discussions in November 2023.

Additionally, Videometer you are all invited to join a new elevated edition of the Experts Meet Experts Webinar Series, focused on facilitating knowledgeable discussions on spectral imaging technologies. We incorporated new educational resources into the Videometer Academy where the Videometer community can access self-paced comprehensive learning materials.

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