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Pili kernel Phenotyping through color descriptors

What is phenotyping? How to phenotype through color descriptors with spectral imaging? A new study of pili kernels phenotyping depicts the analysis with image-based solution.

Food Quality Control – Hazelnut Analysis with Spectral Imaging

Spectral imaging allows faster and more accurate analysis for food quality control & food safety. Learn more how Videometer can aid you.

Potato Strip – Food Quality Control with Videometer

Learn why food quality control is crucial for everyone and explore spectral imaging analysis of potato strips using Videometer technology.

How to assess shrimp color using Multispectral Imaging?

Assessment of shrimp color is now possible with multispectral imaging. Analyse texture, color and more using Videometer technology.

Sausage Quality Inspection made easy

Measure water-holding capacity and moisture content in pork sausages using Videometer technology. Moreover, texture and color development is also discoverable under spectral imaging.

Food Authentication – Common Wheat in Durum Wheat

How to improve and innovate your food safety processes? Read more about spectral imaging application in food authentication.

VideometerLab exhibited at 2018 Beijing Police Expo

Have you wondered how police is detecting fingerprints or body fluids? Read more about the newest technology in forensics.

wild rocket

Assessing Shelf Life of Wild Rocket using VideometerLab

Food shelf life is crucial for producers around the world. We are presenting you an example of how VideometerLab can assess the shelf life of wild rocket.

food fraud 2018

VideometerLab at FoodFraud 2018

Videometer is present at FoodFraud conference in London. The technology is rapid, non-invasive, and can be applied for food integrity.

Videometer at ANUGA FoodTec 2018 in Cologne

Videometer is present at ANUGA to show how to assure food integrity with spectral imaging. Versatile measurements in a single system.