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Download The Videometer Corn Quality Control Guide

Download The Videometer Corn Quality Control Guide


Download the Guide here

Corn Quality Inspection

Corn is the largest and most produced commodity worldwide. As such, quality control is a crucial activity for the corn supply chain. Corn quality is regulated by different entities across the globe, including the ISO standards, the FAO’s Codex Alimentarius, and national grading systems, such as those from the USDA.  

In order to comply with these regulations, corn producers and traders undertake visual quality inspections, which are often performed manually.

Although widespread, a manual inspection can often result in subjective interpretations, which may harm the grain’s quality.  

Multi-spectral imaging is a great tool for the standardization of corn quality inspection. It allows for the chemical and physical analysis of corn kernels, which cannot always be performed by the naked eye. In particular, the VideometerLab with Autofeeder is a comprehensive, easy-to-use instrument that uses a vibrating conveyer belt to automatically run samples through the spectral camera.

Videometer’s Corn Quality Guide

Videometer’s newest Application Guide focuses on the automation and standardization of Corn Quality Systems with the VideometerLab Autofeeder solution. 

By downloading the guide, not only will you learn how corn quality control can be enhanced with spectral imaging, but you will also get an overview of the machine-learning-driven technology behind the instrument.

Furthermore, we provide an overview of the most widespread grading systems across the world. These standards comply with the Videometer Corn Classification Model, which is a mathematical model developed for the analysis of each corn kernel within a determined sample. 

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