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OvaSpec Assesses Concentration and Embryonation Percentage

Ovaspec can now assess concentration and embryonation percentage. Here you read more about it and real-life example.

New EU project TESTA for improving Seed Quality Control

The new EU project – TESTA – concerns improving Seed Quality Control. The consortium is composed by various international seed experts.

Potato Quality Assessment with spectral imaging in UV/Vis/NIR

Videometer technology can be used for food safety and integrity. One of the application is presented here – Potato Quality Inspection.

Mapping Chlorophyll A and B – Plant Imaging

Plant imaging allows checking health, environmental conditions, as well as, chlorophyll levels. The latter is possible with spectral imaging & fluorescence.

Videometer technology at IFT 2015 in Chicago

Our Sales Partner – Neutec Group – will represent Videometer at IFT15 in Chicago.

Immunodiffusion Assay Analysis by VideometerLab

Immunodiffusion can be studied and quantified accurately by spectral imaging. Learn more from Videometer’s presentation.

VideometerLab 4 released!

Videometer is ready to release flagship instrument with the latest technology for the best spectral imaging.

Agriculture Science – Discrimination of conventional and transgenic soybean seeds

Agriculture science application – use of spectral imaging in discrimination of conventional and transgenic seeds.

common wheat

Seed Pathogen Detection and Varietal Identification in wheat

Spectral imaging allows users to detect seed pathogen and varietal identification in a rapid and non-destructive manner.

How does VideometerLab compare to my smartphone camera?

Have you ever wondered how spectral imaging camera compares to your smartphone? Learn the differences and explore VideometerLab technology.