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Determining Seed-borne Fungi in Cowpea

Determining Seed-borne Fungi in Cowpea

Why seed health testing with spectral imaging?

A seed health assessment can be considered expensive and time-consuming. It very often involves embryo count, incubation, or washing tests. With Videometer technology, it is possible to detect fungi faster and more accurately in a non-destructive way. Furthermore, this method can be considered cost-effective.

VideometerLab allows for the assessment of seeds in terms of health, treatment, purity, germination, and vigor.

Detection of fungal pathogens in seeds

The determination of seed-borne fungi in cowpea is now possible with Videometer. In a new paper by a Brazilian research group, it is shown how cowpea fungal pathogens can be detected.

They state:

“In this study, we verified the efficiency of multispectral imaging (MSI) combined with statistical models to assess the cowpea seed health and differentiate seeds carrying different fungal species. Seeds were artificially inoculated with Fusarium pallidoroseum, Rhizoctonia solani and Aspergillus sp.”

Rego CHQ, França-Silva F, Gomes-Junior FG, Moraes MHDd, Medeiros ADd, Silva CBd. Using Multispectral Imaging for Detecting Seed-Borne Fungi in Cowpea. Agriculture. 2020; 10(8):361. 

Authors are:

Carlos Henrique Queiroz Rego, Fabiano França-Silva, Francisco Guilhien Gomes-Junior, Maria Heloisa Duarte de Moraes, André Dantas de Medeiros, Clíssia Barboza da Silva

Cowpea Seed Health


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