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Snapshot 3D Surface Inspection of metal parts

Snapshot 3D Surface Inspection of metal parts

The surface inspection system shown in the video represents one of the many applications of Videometer technology. The system was installed at Stansomatic, a company that specializes in manufacturing small metal parts, located in Billund, Denmark.

The video provides a detailed insight into how the system works, as well as the benefits it provides to Stansomatic. The system is fully automated, which enables Stansomatic to perform quality control in real time. By using the VideometerLab technology, Stansomatic is able to measure multiple surface properties, including color, gloss, texture, and shape, all with a single instrument.

This means that the surface inspection system is not limited to detecting surface defects, but it can also measure surface properties that are crucial for product quality, such as texture and gloss. The system is also equipped with a conveyor belt that allows for a seamless transition of parts between the inspection station and the production line.

It allows for early detection of defects, which in turn reduces the risk of faulty parts being shipped to customers. Secondly, the system provides Stansomatic with real-time data that can be used to optimize the production process and improve product quality. Lastly, the system is fully automated, which means that it reduces the need for manual inspection, saving time and resources.


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