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Seed Health – VideometerLab detects seed-borne fungi

Seed Health – VideometerLab detects seed-borne fungi

Analysis of seeds and their health

Seed health is a crucial factor in crop production, and the use of Videometer technology can simplify and automate the assessment process. The technology is particularly useful for analyzing seed purity, germination and vigor, and seed health. In this article, we will explore how multispectral imaging and machine vision have been combined to automate seed health analysis.

Determining seed quality involves assessing various characteristics, such as varietal and analytical purity, germination capacity, size, uniformity, variety identification and classification, detection of insect damage, fungi infection, prediction of chemical composition, surface structure, seed color, and morphology. Traditionally, this process has been time-consuming and labor-intensive, involving washing tests, embryo count methods, or the use of chemicals. With the VideometerLab, however, there is no need for sample preparation, and the instrument can provide fast and accurate analysis without destroying the sample.

Seed quality assessment is determined by various characteristics such as:

  • Varietal and analytical purity
  • Germination capacity
  • Vigour
  • Size
  • Uniformity
  • Variety identification and classification
  • Detection of insect damage
  • Fungi infection
  • Prediction of chemical composition
  • Surface structure
  • Seed color
  • Morphology

Multispectral imaging application in seed health

One of the most significant benefits of Videometer technology is its ability to detect seed-borne fungi more accurately and rapidly than traditional methods. For instance, a scientific paper has shown that multispectral imaging combined with machine vision can be used as an alternative method to detect Drechslera Avenae Sharif in black oat seeds. The study used Videometer’s technology to analyze the seed samples, and the software depicted the fungi in RGB, Grayscale, and Jet for nCDA transformation purposes. The fungi detection was fast and precise, which can be a significant contributor to the overall health of the crop.

Detect seed-borne fungi with accuracy and speed – Seed Health

Overall, Videometer technology has the potential to revolutionize seed health assessment by providing a non-destructive, rapid, and accurate means of analyzing seed health. This technology can help farmers and seed companies to produce better crops, improving yields and quality, while minimizing losses due to diseases and defects.

Seed Health analysis in black oats using spectral imaging - Videometer
Seed Analysis using Hyperspectral Imaging – Videometer Applications

França-Silva, F.; Rego, C.H.Q.; Gomes-Junior, F.G.; Moraes, M.H.D.; Medeiros, A.D.; Silva, C.B. Detection of Drechslera avenae (Eidam) Sharif [Helminthosporium avenae (Eidam)] in Black Oat Seeds (Avena strigosa Schreb) Using Multispectral Imaging. Sensors 2020, 20, 3343.

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