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How to detect water status in dried mushrooms?

How to detect water status in dried mushrooms?

A new scientific paper in the Journal of Food Science shows that VideometerLab multispectral imaging (MSI) technology used together with chemometrics can detect water status of mushrooms. Furthermore, this can be achieved in a fast and non-destructive way. The Hefei research team concludes:

The results demonstrated that MSI technology combined with chemometric methods is an impressive approach for determination of the water status in hot‐air dried mushrooms, which would facilitate infield of food processing by providing applicable and the appropriate platform.

Younas, S., Liu, C., Qu, H., Mao, Y., Liu, W., Wei, L., Yan, L., & Zheng, L. (2020). Multispectral imaging for predicting the water status in mushroom during hot‐air dehydration. Journal of Food Science, 85(4), 903–909.


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